We have included herein the patents of cyber risk quantification companies by way of illustration of the types of patents held by other CRQ entities. The list is not definitive – for example Corax Cyber went into liquidation, but the IP was acquired by a creditor. The creditor, in turn, may at a future date, sell the IP to a non-practising entity (AKA patent troll) and as such gives rise to future litigation risks to other CRQ entities AND their clients.

We state explicitly herein that the list is by no way exhaustive or current. Where there are companies operating within the sector that are not listed, such as Risklens and Cybercube as having any protective IP or innovation listed at the US Patent Office or any other IP Registry, it is for the viewer on this website to determine for their own purposes whether such entities have intellectual property and whether the absence of such IP poses a risk to any potential, or actual user of their products.

The strength of Quantar’s patents lies in their early priority dates, creating the ability to strike down later patent claims. Additionally, we maintain our priority dates through the continual filing of continuation applications, removing the ability of competitors to engineer their way around our protected Cyber Risk Quantification systems, METHODS, and software code.

As an example of our ongoing development, our latest patent entitled:


Was issued as US patent 11425159 on the 23rd August 2022.

Additionally, we are providing two xls sheets, with data relating to CRQ companies from 2019, when Quantar was in discussion with several non-practicing entities who were seeking to partner with Quantar in order to litigate against certain CRQ companies they felt were infringing Quantar’s patents and offered them a monetisation opportunity.

The data within the sheets is provided merely as illustrative information on which companies within the sector, NPE’s viewed as actually or potentially infringing patent portfolios of CRQ entities such as Quantar. URL’s within the sheets linking to Preliminary Infringement Contentions – Levels 1 & 2 Evidence of Use are no longer valid, although Quantar continues to hold the data for potential litigation purposes, or for sale of the company’s patent portfolio to an NPE.

Page 14 comprises a summary of the above and has not been included. This data is provided on the basis of publicly available information via the USPTO website.

The following are a sample of patents and applications from companies operating within the sector of cyber risk assessment and financial quantification. The list is not necessarily current and is provided as a quick overview of the volume of patents from a small number of companies versus the total number of operators within the segment.

Balbix15/383,656CIP PatentRisk Modelling
Balbix15/473,418CIP ApplicationDevice and Network Classification Based on Probabilistic Model
Balbix15/234,980 (RCE)ApplicationMitigation of security risk vulnerabilities in an enterprise network
Balbix15/234,970ApplicationComprehensive modelling and mitigation of security risk vulnerabilities in an enterprise network
Corax15/259,477PatentDetermining an assessment of a security breach for an asset of a network infrastructure
Corax15/338,192PatentIdentifying a vulnerability of an asset of a network infrastructure to mitigate
Guidewire Cyence14/585,051PatentDiversity analysis with actionable feedback methodologies
Guidewire Cyence15/142,997PatentCyber vulnerability scan analyses with actionable feedback
Neo Prime14/319,994PatentProbabilistic model for cyber risk forecasting
Neo Prime15/618,809ApplicationProbabilistic model for cyber risk forecasting
SSIC15/259,084PatentMethod and system for risk measurement and modelling
SSIC15/651,377CIP ApplicationMethod and system for risk measurement and modelling
SSIC15/651,407ContinuationMethod and system for risk measurement and modelling
CyberPoint International15/170,369 PatentAssessment of cyber attacks
Cytegic13/766,920PatentSystem and method for cyber attacks analysis and decision support
Cytegic15/243,103Continuation PatentSystem and method for cyber attacks analysis and decision support
Cytegic14/574,990PatentSecurity risk mapping of potential targets
Cytegic14/287,371AbandonedAnti-cyber attacks control vectors
Cytegic15/396,702PatentSecurity risk mapping of potential targets