Quantar has added a crucial component for enterprise cyber risk management & regulatory compliance.

Since 2022, new regulations globally, especially in the US and EU, combined with a new version of the de facto IT security standard, ISO27001/2, all mandate cyber security awareness training for all levels of personnel.

Using our 25+ years of teaching in both academia and business, allied with our 24 years in cyber risk management, we have developed training modules for all profiles of personnel; from general organisational cyber risk awareness, to more technical courses for managers interfacing with IT departments.

We use in-person remote, on-demand and hybrid delivery, to suit every organisation’s needs in a format best suited to ease of information assimilation and retention.

Core Programmes:

– Cyber Risk Awareness raining

– Cyber Risk Management Training

– Technology Risk Management Training

– GIAC GSLC Security Leadership Training

The target audience for each programme differs, however we seek to provide you with the relevant training according to profile and need.

Cyber risk awareness training is for all personnel profiles and fits the new regulatory requirements, as well as for ISO27K certification for the 2022 version.

Cyber risk management training is intended for non-IT managers and executives who require a sound understanding of the factors affecting cyber exposure. We use our unique multi-patented cyber risk management software to provide hands-on learning.

Technology risk management training builds upon cyber risk training and focusses on IT general controls that impact overall IT security. Internal and external audits focus upon ITGC’s and their actual or potential impact upon FSLI’s. As such, this module is recommended for non-IT managers in their current roles and for those seeking to develop their careers within the IT/audit segment.

For further information on our cyber risk training programmes and our methods, please contact us.