Our services add to your teams’ compliance programs through the provision of assessment, gap analysis, software solutions to build your organizations’ complete data governance program.

A full compliance framework must include essential components specified within Regulator guidelines, such as DPIA’s, but it also needs to include a broader scope of program components.

Understanding the impact new and emerging technologies, such as AI, big data and distributed ledger requires foresight through data stewardship. DR4 can assist you in developing your organization’s data stewardship program.

Increasingly punitive data breach laws require the tools to both comply with the new regulatory environment, but also to provide the proof of intent to comply to auditors.

Quantar provides your organization the means for data protection regulatory compliance, as well as the data required for repudiation and mitigation of legal claims for wrongful or negligent acts.

  • Create Resilience

    Many organizations view regulatory compliance programs as a one-shot program, developed out of a necessity to avoid financial penalties for non-compliance. Use our service and solutions to go the extra mile, creating long-term regulatory resilience.

  • Identify Future Data Risks

    Use our strategies and frameworks to proactively identify and assess your data risks.Having foresight to make operational process or data use changes ahead of time reduces the costs of compliance and builds a key skills for your compliance teams.

  • Add Value

    Our goal is to add value to your teams’ existing programs by extending their scope and depth through the use of Quantar’s solutions. Our 20+ years of data and cyber risk management can benefit your organization’s data risk control.

  • Build Data Risk Culture

    We work with you to develop the frameworks you need to create an in-house data risk awareness culture. Building a default mentality of seeking out data risks before they occur reduces workload and costs associated with data protection.

Develop Data Stewardship

Quantar can provide your organization with the frameworks and input required to formulate appropriate data stewardship programs for ongoing regulatory compliance. Build on your compliance teams’ foundations for complete data risk control


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    Unique patented predictive cyber risk analytics software
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    A history of working with national & international brands
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    Financial quantification of cyber risks & cost-benefit analysis of mitigation options
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    System provision of auditable proof for regulatory compliance


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    Alongside your compliance programs, we can develop your data stewardship and compliance framework and implement it to maintain your programs ability to react to regulatory changes.

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    Confidential Audit

    As certified auditors for both the GDPR and ISO27000, we can provide a confidential audit to provide you with the knowledge your require to develop your compliance programs.

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    Big Data Governance

    As certified Enterprise Big Data Professionals, we can help you to understand the implication for your data governance when working with big data.

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    Distributed Ledger

    We have developed our own frameworks for mapping DLT to GDPR and other regulations to provide you with the insight required to plan how to make your distributed ledger program compliant.

  • Report

    Governance Report

    We can undertake a full review of your present position and provide you with a risk-based report that includes gap analysis and recommendations to strengthen your programs.

  • Process-Map

    Process to IT Mapping

    We use a unique drag and drop application to create process maps for you to understand how future data flows may impact upon your data governance programs.



Our data risk assessment, audit, management & control expertise allows your business to focus on your real business needs. Quantar has you covered with bespoke data risk management solutions.



Our data risk assessment, audit, management & control expertise allows your business to focus on your real business needs. Quantar has you covered with bespoke data risk management solutions.


Here at the Department of Information Systems and Decision Sciences at the University of South Florida, we had never seen anything like their methods and systems used for data risk quantification – a unique approach!

DSDM Ashford UK

We are very happy that Quantar has become one of the Members of the Agile Business Consortium. We are the professional body for Business Agility and believe our framework is best suited to the modern environment.

DSDM Ashford UK
Why choose Quantar


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    Quick response

    We can act swiftly to analyze and assess your current position providing risk based reporting, without the need to commit your own resources to any long-term plan of action.

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    In more than 20 years of data risk quantification, we have gained experience in a wide spectrum of technologies, industries, and operations.

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    No geek speak

    You deserve to have your questions answered in plain English. We will provide you with easy to understand explanations of your present position and what you need to do.

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    Business savvy

    We evaluate and justify our reporting and plans of action from a thorough understanding of the financial and risk management benefits to your business.

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    One Stop Shop

    We are certified across the domains of GDPR, ISO 27000, DSDM Agile, Enterprise Big Data and have our own proprietary and unique data risk assessment software systems.

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    Client Satisfaction

    We want you to be completely satisfied with our services. Our work is confidential and we provide the assurance that you need through our working practices.

Custom cyber threat valuation & data governance solutions built specifically for your business

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