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The New Data and Cyber Security Regulations That Probably Will Apply to Your Business

In the wake of the Colonial pipeline hack, the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) issued a security directi...

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What the Darkside Hacks Tell Us About Future Attack Trends

May 2021 delivered a major cyber attack on a major national infrastructure entity with a large percentage of a county&#8...

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Ever Given Vessel Grounding in Suez Canal – A lesson of potential future cyber marine impacts

The grounding of the giant container vessel, the Ever Given in the Suez Canal had an immediate supply chain impact, coup...

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Business continuity management now became more critical – insurers fail to pay out to policyholders.

Pre-Covid-19, many businesses believed that their commercial policies covered them for business interruptions caused by ...

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New International Maritime Organisation (IMO) cyber risk regulations may impact upon your business

From January 2021, all vessels globally must undertake a cyber security impact assessment as part of their certification...

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Potentially catastrophic financial penalties for regulatory breach? – I’m insured right??

In a previous post, we mentioned that certain regulations, including the GDPR, assume guilt on the part of a commercial ...

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Companies globally are facing increasing business challenges posed by emerging data protection laws

We live today in a global digital economy that is primarily built upon the collection and exchange of data, including la...

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Having a GDPR program does not mean it will become embedded successfully within your organization

There is a presently emerging in relation to behavioural science labelled “cognitive uncertainty” (Enke & Graeber; H...

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Dynamic environments create risks of uncertainty in delivery of products & services. How can you meet the challenge?

Traditional project management methods utilised a waterfall approach whereby the end result was the objective, with all ...

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There are an increasing number of standards for IT security. Do you need them for GDPR proof of compliance?

Does your company certify for various areas of operation? Perhaps one or more of Business continuity ISO 22301; Informat...