QUANTAR SOLUTIONS in its current and former guise (as IP-TAP) has been in the business of assessing, financially quantifying and modelling cyber risks since 1999. A group of 4 IT security and business professionals got together to create the first software and systems to acquire and analyze threat data from multiple organizations.

Our software was developed over a number of years, with each module developed concurrently with patent applications, to ensure our research efforts and hard work to model cyber risks would not be undermined by other companies entering the market.

Our first patent was filed in January 2002 and issued as a PCT (enabling multiple country protection) in September 2005. The objective of the patented system and method was to acquire threat data without the acquisition device itself being compromised, since use of the data would be rendered invalid at best and dangerous to rely upon at worst.

Since then Quantar’s work has been to develop the models required to assess, quantify and value, in financial terms, the risks posed to organizations by electronic threats. Our initial software development was created to serve the banking and re/insurance sectors, for clients to both attain compliance with Basel II and Solvency II regulations and qualify for the advanced measurement approach to risk capital reserves. We continue to research and apply our findings to model development and our patent portfolio, keeping abreast of changes that may affect cyber risk control and regulatory/standards compliance.

Quantar has never required external funding and as such we are able to make the best decisions on risk model development, without being beholden to venture capital, or private equity entities seeking a financial return on their investment, in as short a period possible. Our research draws upon both the business and academic communities, via our founder, and all R&D and intellectual property generation is funded from our general business activities.

Our software is co-developed with UK-based experts in actuarial modelling, risk management and in simulation and software development. Our software developers are providers to military and law enforcement agencies (and now part of Security & Defence Contractors QinetiQ PLC). We do not outsource to low-cost Eastern European software development factories, in order to ensure military-standard software products, developed by ISO9000 certified entities, to meet your organizations’ quality and risk assurance requirements.

As cyber risks became more pervasive and technology increasingly embedded in all commerce and everyday life, so the various software methods and systems’ applicability have increased. Models need to serve two primary functions; firstly fulfil the compliance requirements of increasing regulations relating to data, its use, storage and sale; secondly to provide the critical information required by all organizations in their management of digital risks.

To highlight our extensive experience and intellectual property protection, our sharing culture and to ensure clarity, we are providing the information required to manage exposure to potential litigation for contributory patent infringement . We all now operate in an era of higher levels of litigiousness due to non-practising entities (NPE’s), an increasing litigation capital market, punitive awards from certain US legal jurisdictions and the greater scrutiny of vendors and third parties now mandated for regulatory compliance.

The information we are providing enables you to evaluate how our products can assist your organization in its management of digital risks. It also provides your Office of the General Council/CRO with the data it requires to evaluate patent infringement risks via use of alternative cyber risk assessment, quantification, compliance & management products. Our systems and methods benefit from early priority dates and we continue to issue ongoing patent protection for our products – if in doubt, consult your OGC and ask your vendor for a list of their patents and priority dates.